2021 Angelika Bohn Book Winners!

Hallo, Deutschlerner. Today is the day. The moment you have all been waiting for. Today I am announcing the winners of the 2021 Angelika Bohn Book Giveaway! A bunch of people signed up to win one of these four books by Angelika Bohn: Nachbar Nr. 5, Herr Quintus und die geheime Liste, Für S., and Café Leo. When the contestants for this contest signed up to win, they had to enter a tip for German learners. When I announce the winner, I will also include their tips. So without further adieu, let’s find out who won! 

Winners of Nachbar Nr. 5

The first winner of a copy of Nachbar Nr. 5 is Supriya Ramesh. Their tip for German learners is: Daily practice will help in reaching the goal fast.

The winner of the second copy of Nachbar Nr. 5 is Carolina Asencio. Their tip is: Be consistent and practice every day.

I think you might see a bit of a pattern with the tips for this giveaway. 

You can also get Nachbar Nr. 5 as an audio book from Audible.

Click here to see a sample reading from Nachbar Nr. 5.

Winners of Herr Quintus und die geheime Liste

The first copy of Herr Quintus und die geheime Liste goes to Nuzra, who says “Practice speaking as much as you can. Yes, grammar is important but you don’t need to focus more on grammar. Speak!” 

Copy #2 of Herr Quintus und die geheime Liste goes to Abigail Johnson. Their tip is: Have someone to keep you motivated. Don’t give up. No matter how little, try to always keep moving forward.

Both of these tips can be followed if you find a study buddy, a speaking partner. If you are looking for those, you can try HiNative, an app I reviewed a few years ago or Tandem, which I haven’t personally tried, but I hear good things.

Click here to read Herr Antrim’s review of Herr Quintus und die geheime Liste.

Winners of Für S.

The next book is Für S. and the first copy of it goes to Thasarathakumar A/L Palanisamy. Their tip is: Have fun. Viel Spaß beim Deutsch lernen! 

The second copy of Für S. is being given to Hassan, whose tip is simple, but has a familiar tone.  “Practice.”

Winners of Café Leo

The last book on the list is Café Leo and the first copy is going to Louise Clark. Their tip is Üben Sie! (The same as Hassan.) 

Copy number 2 of Café Leo goes to Kyle Page, who has a nice little rhyme as their tip. “A little a day goes a long way!” Another reminder that daily practice in the language is key, even if it isn’t a lot every day. 

Bonus Winners!

Oh and as an added bonus, I am giving a copy of the paperback version of my Beginner German book to 2 lucky winners who signed up at the A1 level. Those winners are: 

Mills, who says “Read something you enjoy and watch Sendung mit dem Elefanten. It is for very young children. Listen to music, and practice dialogs in your head.” Some very practical advice. 

Grace Mirembe won the second copy and their tip is: Practice German by speaking to yourself, mostly making your own videos. 

I can personally verify that this works, as you can see if you watch some of my oldest videos on this channel. The pronunciation has improved drastically, my grammar is much better and the vocabulary has been expanded a ton. 

Thank you for participating!

Congratulations to all of the book winners and thank you so much to all of you who participated in this contest. I’ll be sending emails to those who won shortly. Be on the lookout for an email from me at [email protected]

Das ist alles für heute. Danke fürs Zuschauen. Bis zum nächsten Mal. Tschüss. 

Buy all of Angelika Bohn’s books via these links!

A1 – Nachbar Nr. 5
A1/A2 – der silberne Kugelschreiber
A1/A2 – Immer wieder Sascha
A2 – Herr Quintus und die geheime Liste
A2 – Nie wieder Merle?
A2/B1 – Falsche Adresse
B1 – Für S.
B1/B2 – Foto ohne Namen
B2 – Café Leo
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