3 Months to Better Language Skills: Lingoda Language Sprint

The school year is about to start back up in our area and for many other students around the world. If you are thinking about adding a new language to your educational plans, you may want to consider the option that allows you to get up to 100% of the cost of your lessons back after you have learned for 3 months, the Lingoda Language Sprint.

That’s right. The Lingoda Language Sprint is back and you can get 100% of the cost of 3 months of language lessons back after you complete them. No catch. No strings. Just attend the required number of lessons in 3 months and when you are done, Lingoda will give you your money back. 

Why learn a language with Lingoda?

I have been working with Lingoda on this channel for a very long time. Their online lessons are unparalleled in the language learning community. Live lessons with real teachers. All of the teachers are native speakers. They are trained to help you get the most out of each lesson. The average group size for every lesson is 3. Not 30. Not 15. THREE. You won’t find that kind of individual attention and teacher-to-student ratio anywhere. Not online and definitely not in-person. 

This isn’t just me speaking as a spokesperson for Lingoda. I’m speaking as a student of theirs, as well. I have personally taken quite a few lessons with Lingoda. I took a few in French just to remind myself what it is like to be a beginner again. Then I took some more lessons in German to help improve my TestDaF score. In both instances I saw an increase in my language skills in a very short amount of time. 

As a classroom teacher, any time I take a course in anything, I’m not just learning whatever is in the course. I am looking at the lesson format and the content of the lesson to see if it is something I can use in my own classes. Through this lens, I can tell you that Lingoda’s lessons are expertly designed. They follow all of the best practices that teachers are taught about lesson planning and the execution of those plans is impeccable. Basically what I am saying is: Their teachers are awesome. Their classes are awesome. Their system is awesome. Their plans are awesome. And their entire program as a whole, is awesome. 

Click here for my full review of Lingoda and the services they offer.

What is the Lingoda Language Sprint?

The Lingoda Language Sprint is the perfect opportunity for you to skyrocket your language skills in just 3 months. This next Sprint starts on September 23, 2020. In the Super Sprint, you will take 30 classes each month for 3 months and when you have completed those 90 lessons, Lingoda will refund 100% of the cost of those lessons. In the regular Sprint, you will take 15 classes each month for 3 months and when you have completed those 45 lessons, Lingoda will refund 50% of the cost of those lessons. 

You can join in German, French, Spanish, English or Business English. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting to learn a new language or you are trying to go from B1 to B2 or even beyond that, they have the lessons appropriate for your level. 

How to join the Lingoda Language Sprint

To participate, simply click this link. On that page, you will pay the deposit of 49€. You can pay 10€ less if you use my voucher code: SCHOOL64. You will pay up front each month for the 3 months of lessons and when you are done, provided you have completed the agreed upon number of lessons, you will get a refund (including your deposit) from Lingoda

Join the Challenge Today!

Spots are limited and you need to sign up by September 8th in order to participate, so please hurry. Click this link. Use my voucher code (SCHOOL64) and get on your way to learning a new language or improving your language skills you already have. 

Inspirational Stories from Lingoda

Lingoda has been doing these language challenges for over 3 years now and their system works. It has been shown over and over again by the over 30,000 people who have participated in one of these challenges. If you want to see some of the inspiring stories from other language learners who have participated in one of these language challenges, check out Lingoda’s Instagram page @lingoda_official


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