Herr Antrim

Herr Antrim is a highly experienced German teacher with over 20 years of engagement with the German language. He holds a bachelor's degree in German with teacher certification and is currently pursuing his master's degree. Since 2009, he has been teaching German to high school students and is now the World Language Department Chair at Edwardsville High School. In 2011, Herr Antrim launched the successful YouTube channel Learn German with Herr Antrim, which has garnered over 200,000 subscribers. Through his channel, he has collaborated with renowned German language learning YouTube channels such as Deutsch für Euch, Easy German, Get Germanized, and Lingoni German. Herr Antrim is the author of Beginner German with Herr Antrim and Elementary German with Herr Antrim, catering to A1 and A2 learners, respectively. He is currently working on a B1 level follow-up book and a dedicated guide to mastering the German case system. Additionally, Herr Antrim offers the Deutschlerner Club, an online course subscription that provides learners access to his comprehensive A1 and A2 courses along with weekly bonus lessons. This club is designed to give students continuous and structured learning opportunities. With his extensive background and dedication to teaching, Herr Antrim is committed to providing high-quality German language education and resources, making him a trusted authority in the field. Click here to learn more about Herr Antrim.

Wo wohnst du? – Where do you live?

Where do you live? Wo wohnst du?

This week’s A1/A2 German video is designed to teach you how to ask and answer the German question “Wo wohnst du?” (Where do you live?). I will also teach you some vocabulary about houses and types of houses in Germany. The conversations in the video only introduce the vocabulary. Below you will find a few of the types of houses in Germany and a brief description of them in German.

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