3 Minuten Deutsch

German Relative Pronouns

German Relative Pronouns Chart

This week’s 3 Minuten Deutsch episode is all about the relative pronouns in German. You can learn all about them in the video and get more examples in the blog that follows. If you want a worksheet about this topic or more materials, you can get them on my Patreon page for just $5 per …

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Future Perfect (Futur 2)

This week I covered the last of the tenses I will be covering in the 3 Minuten Deutsch series, the future perfect (Futur 2). In the videos below, I explain how and why to use this tense. Below the videos you will find a step by step process for forming this tense and a few …

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Plusquamperfect (Past Perfect)


This week I tackled the topic of the past perfect, which is also known as the Plusquamperfekt in German or the pluperfect in English. This tense is used to talk about things that have occurred in the past before other events in the past occurred. It uses components of the simple past (Imperfekt) and the …

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Simple Past Regular Verbs

This week’s 3 Minuten Deutsch episode is about the simple past tense with regular verbs. As I mentioned in the video, you can find a pretty large list or regular verbs here. As one would expect, you can find the videos for today below. Below the videos, you can find a short Grimm fairytale with …

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