Present Tense of “sein”

Present Tense of

In this Beginner German lesson, you will learn how to conjugate and use the German verb “sein” in the present tense. You will also learn how to identify nationalities and occupations with the verb “sein”. Download a copy of my “haben” and “sein” conjugation quiz with the answer key for FREE …

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Describe Yourself in German

Describe Yourself in German

Hallo, Deutschlerner. Today’s Beginner German lesson will give you the vocabulary and sentence structure to describe yourself in German, but because it is boring to stand behind a podium all of the time, today’s lesson will be presented as a skit. I embedded the subtitles directly into the video above so …

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Basic Questions & Answers

Basic German Questions and Answers

Hallo, Deutschlerner. Today I am going to show you a few basic German questions and some sample answers to those questions. When you are done with this lesson, you should be able to answer each of these questions and substitute your own personalized responses. If you want to try it out, …

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