Adverbial Conjunctions in German: also, dann, trotzdem, jedoch & more!

Adverbial Conjunctions in German

In this lesson I will teach you how to use the German adverbial conjunctions such as: also, dann, trotzdem, jedoch and a whole lot more. They are adverbs that act like conjunctions, words that are usually considered adverbs, words that modify almost anything in the sentence with the exception of nouns, but they are used to connect words, phrases or clauses, like conjunctions do.

Learn German Subordinating Conjunctions The SUPER EASY way [Examples]

Subordinating Conjunctions in German

If you want to learn how to use subordinating conjunctions in German such as dass, weil, ob, wenn and more, you have come to the right place. Not only will I explain the word order and sentence structure rules for subordinating conjunctions, but I will also explain how to use each of the subordinating conjunctions including: als, als ob, bevor, bis, da, damit, dass, ehe, falls, indem, nachdem, ob, obgleich, obschon, obwohl, seit, seitdem, sobald, so dass, solange, sooft, während, weil, wenn, and wohingegen.

Coordinating Conjunctions in German: und, oder, aber, denn & more!

Coordinating Conjunctions in German

Conjunctions connect words, phrases and clauses. In this lesson you will learn how to use the coordinating conjunctions in German. Specifically I will focus on und, oder, aber, and denn, but I will also explain a few other more obscure German coordinating conjunctions.

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