German Grammar: You’re Doing It WRONG!

Sometimes German teachers teach certain German grammar topics incorrectly. Luckily for you, Herr Antrim is here to set the record straight. If you have ever wondered why your German teacher just says “That’s the way it is in German.” without really giving a reason, it is because they are doing it WRONG!


Wechselpräpositionen mit Dativ und Akkusativ

This lesson is all about the two-way prepositions (Wechselpräpositionen). To get a general overview of how these prepositions work in German, you can watch the video below, but this blog is going to help you be able to choose between the accusative and dative cases more easily when using these prepositions. …

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das Perfekt mit haben oder sein

das Perfekt mit haben und sein

Your German teacher is great. Probably one of your favorite teachers of all time. They taught you a lot of cool things about the German language, but they aren’t always right. This causes you to become confused and mess things up that you otherwise wouldn’t have messed up. Today I’ll explain …

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