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Indirect Objects & the German Dative Case

Indirect Objects and the German Dative Case Thumb.005

Do you know how to use the dative case in German? The German dative case is used with indirect objects, certain prepositions, certain verbs and certain phrases. This lesson will teach you what indirect objects are and how you can use them in German with the dative case. This lesson includes definite and indefinite articles.

What is a dative sentence?

What is a dative sentence?

What is a dative sentence? How can you tell if a sentence is dative in German? Dative sentences are a myth. They don’t exist. Let me explain.

Dative Case Personal Pronouns

Dative Case Personal Pronouns in German

I explain how to use the German personal pronouns in the nominative accusative & dative cases. You can also find helpful charts here.

Direct & Indirect Object Word Order

German Word Order with Direct and Indirect Objects

In this lesson I will teach you the word order for direct and indirect objects in German sentences, what these objects are, & how to use them.


Wechselpräpositionen mit Dativ und Akkusativ

This week’s 3 Minuten Deutsch video is about the two-way prepositions (Wechselpräpositionen). To get a general overview of how these prepositions work in German, you can watch the video above, but this blog is going to help you be able to choose between the accusative and dative cases more easily when …

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