Präteritum Tense

das Präteritum

Präteritum Practice with Rapunzel

This post explains everything you need to know about the Präteritum tense in German (AKA written past, narrative past, or simple past).

3 Principal Parts of German Verbs

3 Principal Parts of German Verbs

The 3 principal parts of German verbs are the infinitive, the simple past form and the past participle. In this lesson I show a list of irregular verbs in German. Then I showcase the changes they make in the 3 principal parts of German verbs.

Simple Past Regular Verbs

This week’s 3 Minuten Deutsch episode is about the simple past tense with regular verbs. As I mentioned in the video, you can find a pretty large list or regular verbs here. As one would expect, you can find the videos for today below. Below the videos, you can find a …

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