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German Jobs

German Jobs

This week’s A1/A2 Video gives you a quick overview of some of the most popular German jobs. With this video you can learn the names of these occupations along with brief descriptions of what these workers do for a living. This video is a great listening comprehension exercise. Alternatively, you can […]

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Boost Your German: Mastering Intensifiers like ‘sehr’ & ‘wirklich

German Intensifiers: sehr, besonders, echt, wirklich, total & ziemlich

This week’s B1/B2 lesson is about German intensifiers. They are little words that change the degree to which something is the way that it is. This list includes words like “sehr” (very), “besonders” (especially), “echt” (really), “wirklich” (really), “total” (completely) and “ziemlich” (somewhat). If you want to know the difference between

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German Clothing Vocabulary

German Clothing Vocabulary

Today’s video is all about clothing vocabulary in German. Watch the 4th annual Barbie Fashion Show and learn a ton of vocabulary for common clothing articles in German. In the video version of the lessonI paused between each “model” to show you the vocabulary from that “model” in the singular and

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