Nachbar Nr. 5: Sample Reading

Nachbar Nr. 5

In this week’s German lesson, I decided to do a listening comprehension and reading comprehension exercise all in one. I have long been a fan of Anglika Bohn’s books. “Der silberne Kugelschreiber” is still one of my favorites. I recently started reading some of her books with my daughter, Sophia. The video above shows a sample reading of the first page of “Nachbar Nr. 5”, a book aimed at the A1 level of German. I have also included the text of the page below, so you can read along.

Wegbeschreibung: Give Directions

Wegbeschreibung - Giving Directions in German

Das heutige Video besteht aus mehreren Sketchen, die euch beibringen werden, wie man nach dem Weg fragt und wie man den Weg beschreibt.

Ordering in a German Restaurant

Ordering in a German Restaurant

How do you order in a German restaurant? Today’s lesson will teach you. Watch the video in which Herr Antrim visits a German restaurant called “Oma’s Küche”. He orders food and drink and is joined by a stranger at his table. You can also read the transcript of the video.

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