Lyrical Analysis

Zirkus by Namika: Grammar

Zirkus Namika Grammar Analysis

A while back I discovered a song by Namika called “Zirkus”. There is a lot one can learn from this song about the German language. Rather than do my usual lyrical analysis one line at a time, I thought I would try a bit of a different style. I’ll take you topic by topic as …

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Zeig Dich by Rammstein: Lyrics Analysis

Zeig Dich Rammstein Lyrical Analysis

Exmustamus, Cruchifixus, Murisuri, Extraspection, Exmustamus, Cruchifixus, Lumine, Extraspection These eight lines of “Zeig dich” by Rammstein are not actually German. In fact, with one exception, “Lumine”, as far as I can tell, they aren’t even Latin, which is what I originally thought they were. I could make some assumptions based on the Latin words that …

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