5 kleine Affen & das Krokodil

5 Kleine Affen und das Krokodil

5 kleine Affen und das Krokodil is probably one of my favorite German children’s songs. My son and daughter love it, too. I wouldn’t really consider it a song, but more of a Fingerspiel (finger game, a story with hand motions). In the video above you can watch me act out the Fingerspiel with my …

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German Modal Verbs Song

Modal Verbs Songs in German

Today’s lesson is a song about modal verbs in German. Modal verbs in German are verbs that change the mood of a sentence. This is a fancy way of saying that it changes the way in which the other verb in the sentence is done. In German there are 6 modal verbs, also called “auxiliaries”: …

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German Prepositions Songs

German Prepositions Songs

With so many prepositions in the German language, learners are always looking for ways to figure out which ones go with which case. Today I present to you a German Prepositions song for two of the cases in the German language. Sorry there is no song for the genitive prepositions and there is no such …

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Zeig Dich by Rammstein: Lyrics Analysis

Zeig Dich Rammstein Lyrical Analysis

Exmustamus, Cruchifixus, Murisuri, Extraspection, Exmustamus, Cruchifixus, Lumine, Extraspection These eight lines of “Zeig dich” by Rammstein are not actually German. In fact, with one exception, “Lumine”, as far as I can tell, they aren’t even Latin, which is what I originally thought they were. I could make some assumptions based on the Latin words that …

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