Facts You May Not Know About Oktoberfest

    This week’s Wednesday video is about Oktoberfest. I specifically talk about how it got started and a few other random facts. Below the video you will find a few other facts about Oktoberfest that I thought were interesting, but didn’t make the cut for the final video. If you want a listening comprehension worksheet to go with this video or other materials, you should consider supporting my work on Patreon.

    Facts you may not know about Oktoberfest

    1. There are new security checks in place for the 2016 Oktoberfest.

    Prior to this year, you could carry large bags onto the Theresienwiese, but this year, there will be check points in place so that no guests can bring in large bags and smaller bags will be checked for any dangerous materials or objects.

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    2. People eat a lot.

    No, like seriously, a lot. In fact, 104 oxen will be consumed this year at Oktoberfest in addition to over a half a million chickens and 70 million hector liters of beer. Even for 6 million visitors that is a lot of food.

    3. Oktoberfest performs miracles.

    In 2011 officials found two crutches and an electric wheel chair on the grounds, which were placed in lost and found. I can only assume that the people were miraculously cured by the Gemütlichkeit.

    4. Tourists try to steal a lot.

    Some tourists may just be naive and think that they can take the mug in which they were served their beer, because they paid an unreasonably high price for that beer, but the fact is that the mugs of beer belong to the tent from which they originated. This means that taking them home is theft. That didn’t stop almost a quarter of a million (226,000 to be more precise) of these mugs from trying to go home in the backpacks of some tourists in 2011. This might be a good reason for the “no large bag” rule listed in #1.

    5. A Bierstein isn’t the name of the beer mug mentioned in #5.

    It is actually called “Bierkrug” or Maß”, not a “Bierstein”, because that would be a beer rock”.

    6. Some people can’t handle the extra strong Oktoberfest beer.

    The beer that is served at Oktoberfest is specifically brewed to be a bit stronger than the usual beer you can find in Germany throughout the rest of the year. This causes about 600-800 people to have alcohol poisoning every year.

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    7. They start serving beer on the weekend at 9 AM.

    While they don’t start serving during the week until 10 AM, you can get a cold Maß bright and early on Saturday and Sunday.

    10. Paris Hilton isn’t allowed back to Oktoberfest.

    The locals thought that her presence there “cheapened” the festival.

    11. There’s an app for that.

    You can download the official Oktoberfest app for Android or iOS and get all of the information you would need for Oktoberfest. The app even offers an estimate of what your blood alcohol content would be based on your gender, weight, and when you had your first drink. You can even input a variety of drinks that are available at Oktoberfest.



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