Foto ohne Namen Book Review

Angelika Bohn has written several books for German learners. I reviewed two of her books in December of last year and couldn’t find anything negative to say about them. They are wonderful books. So when she contacted me about reviewing her newest book, I had to say yes. To see my review of this new book, called “Foto ohne Namen” in German, you can watch the video below, which includes German and English subtitles, so you can learn a bit of German while you hear what I think about the book. If you just want to know my thoughts, you can read them below the video. If you decide that you want to buy this or any of Angelika Bohn’s other books, you can do so via this link.

You can also read my review of “Immer Wieder Sascha” here.

Summary of “Foto ohne Namen

The title of the book is “Foto ohne Namen” (Photo without a Name) and was written for the B1 and B2 levels. The story has to do with two aspiring Journalists, who are in search of the same story. Nico finds a box in which a ring and a photo without a name are lying. They follow the clues in order to find out who is on the picture and why he hid the ring.

This book, like a lot of other books for German learners, has a list of words that one might not yet know. Words and grammar are especially chosen for the B1 and B2 readers. The writing style, however, is not so ordinary. In this book Angelika Bohn leaves little clues throughout the entire story and in the end you finally sees how all of the clues fit together. There is suspense and drama and even a bit of romance.

What sets Angelika Bohn’s books apart from the crowd?

Normally, books for German learners are very boring or patronizing, because they try to simplify everything in order to write the story for German learners, but this book and the other books by Angelika Bohn that I have read are exciting. Honestly, I would read these books simply for fun, but if you want to learn German, you can learn a lot from these books.

I would recommend these books to anyone learning German. You could also use them as a short book for classroom use. At 136 pages, it is perfect for a classroom reader or simply a vocabulary building exercise. If you don’t already have a copy of all of Angelika Bohn’s books, you should buy them now.

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