Genitive Possession

    This week in 3 Minuten Deutsch I talked about how to form the genitve case when it is used with possession. If you want to see the video, you can see it below. If you want more examples, as mentioned in the video, you can keep scrolling to see those.

    The reason I phrased a lot of the translations as the *noun* of the *other noun* instead of the *noun’s* *noun*, is because it makes it easier to remember that the genitive portion of the phrase is the part that is second. The word “of” in German is implied and isn’t actually used in each phrase. As promised, here are a bunch of other examples.

    Der Titel des Buches ist dumm. – The title of the book is dumb.

    Meine Kinder haben die Augen ihrer Mutter. – My children have the eyes of their mother.

    Beginner German with Herr Antrim

    Ich backe gerne Apfelkuchen nach dem Rezept meiner Oma. – I like baking apple cake according to my grandmother’s recipe.

    Der Hund schläft in dem Bett des Kindes. – The dog sleeps on the child’s bed.

    Das Pferd geht in das Zimmer eines Mädchens. – The horse is going into the room of a girl.

    Ich weiß, wie man die Gedanken einer Person lesen. – I know how to read a person’s thoughts.

    Der Artz hilft dem Sohn des Mannes. – The doctor is helping the man’s son.

    Ich stehe auf der Mannschaft meiner Stadt. – I like the team of my city.

    Warum finden wir die Socken meiner Kinder auf dem Fußboden des Wohnzimmers? – Why do we find the socks of my children on the floor of the livingroom?

    Die Familie bleibt in dem Keller des Hauses bis der Sturm vorüber ist. – The family stays in the basement of the house until the storm is over.

    Meine Tochter denkt, ich bin der stärkste Mann der Welt. – My daughter thinks I am the strongest man in the world.

    Der Lehrer nimmt das Handy des Schülers weg. – The teacher is taking away the student’s phone.

    Ich tue alles, was die Lehrer meiner Schule sagen. – I do everything that the teachers of my school say.

    Der Verschwörungstheoretiker der Stadt glaubt dem Angestellten des Amtes nicht. – The conspiracy theorist of the city doesn’t believe the employee of the office.

    What’s next?

    Next week I will talk about the genitive prepositions (most of them anyway). The following week will be the ever-popular and confusing topic of two-way prepositions. If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

    German Genitive Possession

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