German Body Parts with Mr. Potato Head

Introduction to German Body Parts

One of my most loved videos is also a very old video. Therefore I decided to reboot this video. I enlisted the help of Mr. Potato Head to help me teach you German body parts vocabulary. This video is a great way to learn German body parts vocabulary while checking your listening comprehension in German. In addition to that, I also included a bunch of verbs you can use with those German body parts.

For those of you who thought I should have said things slower or wanted to see the images I had in the video in more detail on your own time, I have uploaded the images here so you can see them all in a row.

German Body Parts - Bein, Fuß, Knie, Zeh
das Bein, der Fuß, das Knie, die Zeh
Zahn, Mund, Lippe, Zunge
der Zahn, der Mund, die Lippe, die Zunge
German Body Parts - Ohr, Kopf, Auge, Augenlid, Schnurrbart
das Ohr, der Kopf, das Auge, das Augenlid, der Schnurrbart
Schulter, Hand, Ellenbogen, Finger, Arm
die Schulter, die Hand, der Ellenbogen, der Finger, der Arm
German Body Parts - Bauch, Knie, Fuß, Hüfte
der Bauch, das Knie, der Fuß, die Hüfte

German Body Parts Vocabulary List

Now that you have an overview, here is a complete list of the German body parts vocabulary in the order it is used in the video with the plurals and English versions of each.

  • der Körperteil, die Körperteile – body part
  • der Mund, die Münder – mouth
  • der Zahn, die Zähne – tooth
  • die Lippe, die Lippen – lip
  • die Zunge, die Zungen – tongue
  • das Bein, die Beine – leg
  • der Fuß, die Füße – foot
  • die Zehe, die Zehen – toe
  • die Hüfte, die Hüften – hip
  • das Knie, die Knie – knee
  • das Auge, die Augen – eye
  • das Augenlid, Augenlider – eyelid
  • die Nase, die Nasen – nose
  • der Schnurrbart, die Schnurrbärte – mustache
  • das Gesicht, die Gesichter – face
  • das Ohr, die Ohren – ear
  • die Hand, die Hände – hand
  • der Arm, die Arme – arm
  • der Finger, die Finger – finger
  • die Schulter, die Schultern – shoulder
  • der Ellenbogen, die Ellenbogen – elbow
  • das Haar, die Haare – hair
  • der Bauch, die Bäuche – stomach
  • die Brust, die Brüste – chest

Useful Verbs

In addition to the vocabulary you can learn about the body parts, there is also a lot of vocabulary used about the things that each of the body parts do. With this goal in mind, I incorporated a lot of verbs that illustrated the things Mr. Potato Head can’t do without those particular body parts. Here is a list of those verbs in the order that they show up in the video with the body parts required to use that verb.

  • sprechen – to speak (der Mund – die Zunge, die Zähne, die Lippen)
  • stehen – to stand (die Beine, die Füße, die Zehen)
  • laufen – to run (die Beine, die Füße, die Zehen)
  • Fahrrad fahren – to ride a bicycle (die Beine, die Füße, die Zehen)
  • pfeifen – to whistle (die Lippen)
  • sehen – to see (die Augen)
  • zwinkern – to wink (die Augenlider)
  • riechen – to smell (die Nase)
  • hören – to hear (die Ohren)
  • ziehen – to pull (die Hände, die Arme, die Ellenbogen, die Schultern)

Watch the Classic Version of the Video with Mr. Potato Head Teaching You the Parts of the Body in German!

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