German Book Vocabulary & What’s on Herr Antrim’s Bookshelf?

In this week’s German Learning Tips video, I talked about vocabulary that you need when talking about books in German. I even made this video in German and English so you can get a little bit of practice listening to German. I showed several books in the videos, but I failed to link them in the description or talk about them in any way, so that is what I am doing today in this post.

What’s on Herr Antrim’s Bookshelf?

There were several books I held up that were actually in German, which may interest you a bit more than just the books that I have read in English. There are two books in the XXS series by Irma Krauß. I haven’t read any of them so I will just tell you that they are a bit taller and a bit thinner than a deck of cards and they were part of the prize pack that my students got for making this video. The ones I have are “Rettung in der Nacht” and “Sternensucher Sauerländer“.

Also in that prize box were some other books I held up in the video, but have not read. They include: “Vielleicht Amerika” by Tobias Elsäßer”, “Orangentage” by Iva Procházková, “Fremde Fracht” and “Schreckschüsse” by Brigitte Glaser, and “ausgeloggt” by Christine Fehér. I have read none of those books, so it is anyone’s guess what they are about.

In the prize box that Dominik from Get Germanized gave me a long time ago, I got the book “Das kleine Gespenst“, which I have still yet to read, but it is on my list. As you can see, that list is always getting longer, so who knows when I will actually read it.

When I mentioned the children’s books, I held up a book of comic with Asterix und Obelix called “Asterix und die Goten“. This has also been made into a film, which looks really good, but I haven’t seen it yet.

The German book I am currently reading is “Die wunderbaren Reisen und Abenteuer des Freiherrn von Münchhausen“. If you don’t know anything about Münchhausen, you should just know that all of the stories about him are true and physics worked differently back in his day.

At the very beginning of the video, you can see a picture of my actual bookshelf from my house. There you will see several books and series of books. Starting at the far left you will see the book “The Eyre Affair: A Thursday Next Novel” by Jasper Fforde. This is one of my least favorite books on this shelf. It is about a guy who goes into the book “Jane Eyre” to save the characters and so some other random stuff to solve a mystery. In theory, it sounds like a great idea, but in reality, it fell flat.

Next on the shelf is “Practical Demonkeeping” by Christopher Moore. This book is about a guy who has a demon that goes around with him and the antics that such a situation would cause. It is a great book, which has a similar sense of humor to “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams, which I showed later in the video, but is just out of view on this picture.

The next book is one of my personal favorites, “John Dies at the End” by David Wong. It is a wild and winding tale of a dude who just wants to live his life, but keeps getting interrupted by weird, creepy stuff. I like to say that this book is what would happen if Douglas Adams and Steven King wrote a book together. It is hysterical, creepy, and scary. This book also has a sequel, which, as with all sequels, isn’t as good as the first, called “This Book is Full of Spiders“, which I also own. (Since originally writing this post, another sequel has come out, which is aptly named “What the Hell Did I Just Read?” “John Dies at the End” is also a full length film, but it was made with C-quality film production with a D-level cast. It involves Paul Giamatti, whom I despise in practically everything he is in, so that probably doesn’t help.

The only Clive Cussler book that I own is “Arctic Drift“. It is a terribly boring book about a boat and some bad guys. This book is the reason that I only own one book by Clive Cussler.

There are 3 books on the shelf from Orson Scott Card, who is most famous for “Ender’s Game“, which is now also a full length film, which actually wasn’t too bad. This book follows a young boy named Ender, who is brought into space to help the humans defeat an alien race that almost destroyed Earth. I also own “Ender’s Shadow“, which is essentially the same general story, but it follows another young boy, who was Ender’s second in command. The third book of this series that I own is “Ender in Exile“, which shows the aftermath of what happened in “Ender’s Game“. I haven’t read that one, so I can’t give an opinion yet, but I will when I have read it. You can get the the entire Ender Saga here.

There is a book by Robert Doherty called “Area 51“, which as you can expect, is about aliens. I have a few of the books in this series, but my personal favorite is “Area 51: The Sphinx“. It combines some really cool elements from history and science fiction. These books are a part of a 13 book series by Bob Mayer (who used the pen name “Robert Doherty” when he originally wrote the book I own). You can find all 13 books in the series here.

I have several books in the “Wayside School” series by Louis Sachar. They were some of my favorite books to read when I was a kid. I just kept them since then and will eventually let Sophia read them.

The next book is one that I was required to read in grade school at some point, but I actually enjoyed so much I bought it. “My Side of the Mountain” is about a boy who runs away from home to live in the mountains by himself. He adopts a falcon and uses it to hunt for food and survive on his own. I probably liked this book so much, because I have antisocial tendencies and could really see myself living in the woods by myself. What I was unaware of until I wrote this post is that this book is one of three in a series about this kid’s story. You can pick up a box set of all three of those books here.

The last book on the shelf is a book adaptation of a Doctor Who episode featuring the second Doctor, called “Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowmen“. In this episode, the Doctor goes to a Tibetan monastery where the monks are being attacked by yetis. Obviously, it is aliens, but it was a cool book to read, because Doctor Who is awesome. You can get the first seven seasons of the modern Doctor Who series here.

Herr Antrim's Bookshelf
Herr Antrim’s Bookshelf

What are your favorite books? What are you reading currently?

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German Book Vocabulary & What’s on Herr Antrim’s Bookshelf
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