German for Everyone Junior: 5 Words a Day – Book Review

What I don’t like about the German for Everyone Junior: 5 Words a Day App

I do have a couple of complaints about the app. I would have liked to see the image of the vocabulary word with the word itself. This would make it easier to memorize the words. I understand that you could simply have your phone open at the same time that you are reading the book and look back to the book while the app reads the words, but I just like everything to be in one place. 

The second complaint about the app has to do with long German words. When you get to longer German words, they start to run into each other. Sometimes this makes it look like the word is twice as long as it really is, but other times it causes the words to overlap onto each other making it impossible to read. I’m sure this is just an oversight and this only happens with the German version of the app, as only the German words have that many letters, but it still bugs me. Of course, you can still see the entire word and the correct spelling in the book. 

What I don’t like about the German for Everyone Junior: 5 Words a Day Book

While we are on the list of complaints I have, let’s talk about the things I don’t like about the book. There are no sentences in this book with the exception of the 6 speech bubbles on the table of contents page. Those speech bubbles aren’t even translated for you, so you have to figure out what they say on your own. It would be awesome to see how these words could be used in some simple sentences and get more complex as you learn more. 

The first week for example has numbers, colors, a few fruits and some classroom vocabulary. You could use the colors and fruits together to write simple sentences. “Die Banane ist gelb. Der Apfel ist rot. Die Trauben sind lila.” Of course, you could do this on your own and if I were to use this with my kids, I would do exactly that, but the fact that there isn’t even a recommendation for this kind of thing within the book is a bit irritating. 

Sometimes it’s the little things

Each  4 week group on the table of contents has a certain color assigned to it. These colors don’t mean anything. I don’t know why they bothered having them be different colors and grouped them into 4 without having a purpose. If they just wanted to make it cute, they could have made each week a different color instead of groups of 4 weeks. I know it is petty to complain about little things like this, but there is just enough OCD in me to hate this. 

Why no dictionary?

There is no dictionary at the end of this book! There is a glossary of German terms and a glossary of English terms. It tells you where you can find each word, but even that irritates me. Most of the words are listed with the week in which they were introduced. Days, months and numbers are listed with the page number that they are listed on in the quick reference guide at the end of the book. But these words also show up in the weeks. Why not list the weeks that they are in and not bother with the page number at the end? 

The fact that you can’t look up a word and it’s translation at the back of the book is bothersome. You have to go to the glossary in whichever language you remember the word and then find the week and then find the translation. Why is this so complicated? Put a German to English and English to German dictionary at the end of the book and include the week number in which the words were introduced. Is that too much to ask? 

Overall Rating

As you can tell, most of my complaints about this book are pretty petty. Overall this book is excellent. I would give it 4.5 out of 5 bowties on the Herr Antrim scale of awesomeness that I just invented. The audio files really elevate the value of the purchase for me. The illustrations are fantastic. The word choice is practically perfect. All in all, it is a great book. If you have a younger kid that is learning German, this would be a great addition to their German learning. 

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The company that made this book also makes several other books, which are now on my list of books to buy and review. The first one I plan on getting is called “15-Minute German”. This looks to be the closest thing to an adult version of the German for Everyone Junior book. It has an audio option to go with it, just like this book does. It includes phrases and conversational German. It definitely looks like it is aimed at older learners, but I’ll have to see what it looks like when I get it to be sure I like it. If it is anything like German for Everyone Junior, however, it is sure to be a great book. 

If you want to buy the books mentioned in this post or see my other book recommendations for German learners, you can check out my Amazon Affiliate Shop or see all of my recommended resources here.

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