German Word Order with Time

    In this Beginner German lesson you will learn the German word order rules with time. This lesson will expand upon what we learned last week about telling time in German to show you a bit about how to use these time things in sentences. This includes where to put the time element and some new vocabulary for various time elements.

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    German Word Order Basics with Time & Direct Objects

    When you put the time element behind the verb, it usually precedes the direct object. You can see that clearly in the following examples.

    Beginner German with Herr Antrim

    Ich esse heute Pizza.
    I am eating pizza today.

    Ich esse morgen eine Bratwurst.
    I am eating a bratwurst tomorrow.

    Wir sehen heute Abend einen Film.
    We are watching a film tonight.

    Bringst du morgen früh Kaffee?
    Are you bringing coffee tomorrow morning?

    Meine Kinder spielen diese Woche Fußball.
    My children are playing soccer this week.

    Meine Familie reist nächsten Monat nach Chicago.
    My family is traveling to Chicago next month.

    Mein Bruder trinkt jeden Tag zwei Liter Wasser.
    My brother drinks two liters of water every day.

    Additional Time Element Vocabulary

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