Haben Conjugation – Every Tense, Mood, & Voice

    As I have been doing for a while, I conjugated another verb in every tense, mood, and voice that it can be used. This week I did “haben” (to have). You can see the conjugation in the video below or you can keep scrolling to see some examples of this verb in action in each of the tenses and moods. There isn’t a passive voice for “haben”, because it doesn’t make much sense to “be had”, although in English this can be used to explain that someone was tricked.

    The verb “haben” is used most often with a direct object to show ownership. For that reason, I am going to do all of these examples using words for animals that some people can have as pets. I will even throw in a few that can’t really be pets, but I like the name of them.

    Indicative Present Active

    Ich habe einen Hund. – I have a dog (male).
    Hast du eine Hündin? – Do you have a dog (female)?
    Mein Bruder hat eine Katze. – My brother has a cat.
    Wir haben einen Vogel. – We have a bird.

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    Indicative Future Active

    Ich werde ein Kaninchen haben. – I will have a rabbit.

    Du wirst einen Hasen haben. – You will have a hare.

    Meine Schwester wird ein Huhn haben. – My sister will have a chicken.

    Indicative Simple Past Active

    Ich hatte ein Krokodil. – I had a crocodile.

    Mein Großvater hatte einen Dinosaurier. – My grandfather had a dinosaur.

    Der Bauer hatte eine Kuh. – The farmer had a cow. (EIEIO)

    Indicative Present Perfect Active

    Ich habe viele Tiere gehabt. – I have had a lot of animals.
    Hast du ein Haustier gehabt. – Have you had a pet?
    Meine Mutter hat eine Taube. – My mother has a dove.

    Indicative Past Perfect Active

    Ich hatte einen Goldfisch gehabt. – I had had a goldfish.

    Hattest du einen Fisch gehabt? – Had you had a fish?

    Mein Vater hatte eine Ente gehabt. – My father had had a duck.

    Indicative Future Perfect Active

    Ich werde einen Adler gehabt haben. – I will have had an eagle.

    Wirst du einen Elefant gehabt haben? – Will you have had an elephant?

    Meine Tante wird einen Fuchs gehabt haben. – My aunt will have had a fox.


    You can’t really use the imperative form of “haben” with a pet. It would make grammatical sense, but it wouldn’t really make logical sense. “Hab einen Hund!” – “Have a dog!” Really?

    Hab Spaß! – Have fun.

    Habt Geduld! – Have patience.

    Haben Sie keine Angst! – Have no fear.

    Haben wir eine Tasse Tee! – Let’s have a cup of tea.

    Subjunctive I Present Active

    Er sagt, er habe einen Gorilla. – He says, he has a gorilla.

    Sagt ihr, ihr habet ein Nilpferd? – Are you saying, you have a hippopotamus?

    Subjunctive I Future Active

    Er sagt, er werde einen Igel haben. – He says, he will have a hedgehog.

    Sagst du, du werdest ein Pferd haben? – Are you saying, you will have a horse?

    Subjunctive I Past Active

    Er hat gesagt, er habe einen Löwen gehabt. – He said, he had a lion.

    Habt ihr gesagt, ihr habet eine Eidechse? – Did you say, you have a lizard?

    Subjunctive II Present Active

    Wenn ich nur einen Panda hätte… – If only I had a panda…

    Wenn mein Bruder eine Eule hätte… – If my brother had an owl…

    Subjunctive II Future Active

    Du hast gesagt, du würdest einen Pinguin haben. – You said, you would have a penguin.

    Ihr würdet kein Haustier haben. – You would have no pet.

    Subjunctive II Past Active

    Wenn ich einen Waschbären gehabt hätte… – If I had had a raccoon…

    Wenn du eine Ratte gehabt hättest… – If you had had a rat…

    haben - every tense, mood, and voice

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