Have you already given up on your Language Learning New Year’s Resolutions? I have a solution!

Did you know that the average person gives up on their New Year’s Resolutions by the second Friday in January? That’s today! Have you already given up on your language learning goals? Are you already struggling to study every single day? If you answered yes to one of those two questions, I know exactly what you need to do. You need to join the Lingoda Language Sprint. This is a 60 day challenge aimed at helping you keep those New Year’s Resolutions and crush those language learning goals. Classes start on February 11th and you have until the 1st of February to register. 

If you already know what the Lingoda Language Sprint is all about and you know you want to join, you can click this link to sign up. You can also use the code “ANTRIM2022” to get €20 or $25 off of the deposit.

What is the Lingoda Language Sprint?

So what is the Lingoda Language Sprint? As I said, it is a 60 day challenge for language learners. It doesn’t matter if you are learning German, English, French or Spanish. You have two options. Either you can do a lesson every day or you can do a lesson every other day. If you learn every day, you will get the best results, as you may have noticed from my Instagram reels lately, where I have been hammering home the idea of consistent language learning every day. Lingoda calls this the Super Sprint

If you can’t do it every day, the every other day option is there for you. I understand how busy everyday life can be and for some this option will be the one that makes the most sense. In fact, I personally would probably have to do the every other day option, because I have a day job plus this YouTube channel and a family to take care of. I couldn’t possibly do a lesson every day. 

What makes Lingoda unique?

One of the cool things about Lingoda is that the lesson times are flexible. You can pick a time that works for you and your schedule. I tend to schedule my classes after 8 pm, so I can put my kids to bed and have a quiet area to do my lessons. Lingoda’s lessons are available 24/7. You simply find a lesson that fits your needs and schedule. 

Cash Back for Language Lessons?

The amazing part of the Sprint challenges from Lingoda is that they offer cash rewards for completing the challenge. If you can complete all 60 of your lessons in the Super Sprint or 30 lessons in the regular Sprint, you will get 100% or 50% cashback respectively. This means you attend a class every day for 2 months and you get all of your money back. If you take a lesson every other day, you will get half of your money back. As far as I know, this makes Lingoda’s Language Sprint the best deal for online lessons. 

One Small Step for Language Learning. One Giant Leap for Your Speaking Skills

Lingoda has been doing these Sprint challenges for a while now. Over 40,000 people have participated in these challenges and seen huge improvements in their language skills. The biggest strides are often seen in the ability to speak the target language. One of the biggest struggles when learning a language is becoming confident in your ability to speak the language. It is one thing to be able to read it or even understand it when it is spoken, but speaking it is an entirely different beast. Lingoda’s lessons will help you become more confident in your speaking abilities.

SMALL Group Lessons

Each lesson is a small group lesson. Your teacher will help you throughout the lesson and you will speak German (or English, French or Spanish) with your fellow learners. The lesson will almost always be taught exclusively in the target language so you will have a ton of input in the language you are trying to learn and you will also have to produce a ton of the language as you are speaking and reading during the lesson. The group sizes are super small, too, so the amount of time you spend in the lesson actively participating is really high. 

How to get the most out of your lessons with Lingoda

A couple of weeks ago I uploaded a video that outlined how I would format my own language learning lessons if I were learning German on my own. You can apply those ideas to your lessons with Lingoda, too. Start by prepping for the lesson. Lingoda grants you access to lesson materials before the actual lesson, so I would spend a little bit of time familiarizing yourself with the lesson before you start participating. Think of it as a kind of primer for your brain. When I took lessons with Lingoda, I usually did this about 30 minutes before the lesson started. I read through the materials and made sure I had a general idea about the lesson before it even started. 

Print out the lesson materials, so you can take notes directly on the lesson during the lesson. This will help you stay organized with your notes and allow you to have something to look back on when you review later. As I mentioned in my other video, I would review the material from the previous lesson before starting the next lesson. In this case, I would reread the notes I took during the previous Lingoda lesson. In total you might spend 2 hours every day learning your target language. 30 Minutes reviewing the previous day’s lesson. 30 minutes preparing for the new lesson of the day. 1 hour participating in the new lesson of the day with the group lesson on Lingoda

Join the Lingoda Language Sprint TODAY!

Obviously, you don’t have to follow my recommendations in order to participate in the Lingoda Language Sprint. You can simply show up and participate in your lessons every day or every other day. Even without doing all of the extra stuff I just mentioned, you will definitely see an improvement in your language skills with the Lingoda Language Sprint. This challenge is a proven system that works for language learners. 

If you want to participate in the challenge or learn more about the challenge, click this link. If you decide to join, don’t forget to use the code “ANTRIM2022” to get €20 or $25 off of the deposit.

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