Start 2022 Properly with Herr Antrim’s German Learning Planner & Notebook

If your plan for 2022 is to learn German, whether you are just starting out or you have been learning for a while, I am excited to share with you a new book I have created for German learners. It is a planner and notebook rolled together with some German learning tips and guidance. 

What’s in Herr Antrim’s 2022 German Language Planner?

First, there is a quick rundown of what SMART goals are and how you should apply those to your German learning strategy. Then there are a couple of bullet journal pages so you can write your goals for the year. Start with something broad and then narrow it down to the smaller goals that you will need to meet along the way. 

Then it gets into the planner portion. Every month is laid out in the same way. First there is a monthly calendar. Here you can plan out the lessons for the month or even use one of Angelika’s monthly language learning calendars as inspiration, which I have link here. There is also a spot off to the side where you can write your goals for the month and what you want to accomplish. 

For the rest of the month it looks pretty much the same as other planners you can buy. There are lines for each day of the week, so you can take a few notes about the lessons you plan on learning or the ones you already have learned. There is also a space at the top for your goals of the week. 

At the end of each month there are a couple more bullet journal pages where you can take notes for the month or recap your month before you move on to the next month. 

More than just a planner?

Each month follows this pattern until you get to the end of December. After the bullet journal pages for December you will find a quick reference guide for German grammar. It shows you the tenses of verbs in the indicative mood and active voice, then the passive voice, imperative mood and Konjunktiv 1 and 2. 

It includes conjugation charts for haben and sein as well as the modal verbs and a few odd verbs. There is also a handy list of present tense stem-changing verbs.  The next two pages are irregular verbs and their 3 main forms: infinitive, simple past and Perfekt followed by the English translations for each verb. It has der-words and ein-words charts, a list of prepositions and their English translations for each of the cases plus a list of commonly used dative verbs. There are question words, personal pronouns, reflexive pronouns and irregular adjectives in their comparative and superlative forms. 

The last 20 pages are just bullet journal pages, so you can use them as you see fit. You could use them to map out your goals and lessons in more detail or you could use them to take notes on various lessons as the year goes on. 

If you think this kind of planner would be helpful to help you stay on track in 2022 while you are learning German, click this link or go to Amazon and search for “2022 German language planner” today.

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