Herr Antrim’s Recommended Resources

Herr Antrim has been teaching German in the classroom setting since 2009 and on YouTube since 2011. In that time, he has come across many books, dictionaries, and online resources that are helpful for German learners and teachers. On this page you will find Herr Antrim’s recommended resources. This page is by no means an exhaustive list of the resources he likes and recommends. None of the links on this page sponsored in any way (*except affiliate links).

You probably came to this page for a particular kind of resource, so they are separated into categories. Each of the categories listed below is a clickable link. They will take you to Herr Antrim’s recommended resources in that category. There you will find a brief explanation of what they are and why he likes them. The resources are listed in the order Herr Antrim would recommend them. His favorites are at the top of each list. The ones at the bottom of each list are by no means bad. Herr Antrim still recommends them, which is why they are here. He just think that some are more helpful than others.

If you think there is a missing resource that should be included on this page, please email Herr Antrim your suggestions. If he agrees that it should be on this page, he will add it.

German Learning Resources by Category

Resources Offered by Herr Antrim

There couldn’t be a list of Herr Antrim’s recommended resources without tooting his own horn a bit. It is his website, after all. He has a few things to offer German learners. Maybe you will find some of them helpful as well.

1. Herr Antrim’s YouTube Videos

Since 2011 Herr Antrim has created a ton of videos. He currently has over 700 videos on his YouTube channel. Every one of them can teach you something about the German language, culture or ways to learn about both. You made it to this website, so you already know this, but his YouTube channel had to make the list of Herr Antrim’s Recommended Resources.

Herr Antrim's Recommended Resources: YouTube
Learn German with Herr Antrim Banner

2. Worksheets, Video Scripts, & More

Herr Antrim has created extra materials for every video on his YouTube channel created after 2016. This includes a video script (in German & English) and a worksheet with answer key. In the 3 Minuten Deutsch series starting with episode of 51 there are worksheets available. Scripts and other extras start at episode 43. Several of the German Learning Tips videos also have worksheets to go with them. All of those things are available to those who support his work on Patreon.

Herr Antrim's Recommended Resources: Patreon
Herr Antrim on Patreon

He has also begun uploading my materials to Teachers Pay Teachers. His goal is to upload all of his materials that he created for Patreon to Teachers Pay Teachers. If you don’t see what you are looking for on Teachers Pay Teachers, please email him.

Herr Antrim's Recommended Resources: Teachers Pay Teachers
Herr Antrim on Teachers Pay Teachers

A while back Amazon came out with a new program called the Amazon Influencer Program. This allows people like Herr Antrim with online clout to create a list of product recommendations for their fans. When someone buys something off of the list, the “influencer” gets a commission kickback. While it is nice to get a few bucks here and there from this program, Herr Antrim likes the fact that he can add books and movies to Herr Antrim’s Recommended Resources.

Herr Antrim’s Amazon Influencer Page includes his favorite German readers, classic German children’s books, the entire Harry Potter series in German, German culture books, vocabulary trainers, grammar books, and German films. Herr Antrim is sure there is something you will like there.

*Amazon links are affiliate links. This means Herr Antrim gets a small portion of the money from each sale. This does not cost you any extra.

Herr Antrim's Recommended Resources: Books for German Learners
Angelika Bohn German Readers

4. Shirts & More

Now you can get “Learn German with Herr Antrim” t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and more on TeeSpring. Show of your love of the German language and your appreciation for Herr Antrim’s work by sporting some Herr Antrim gear. While this won’t necessarily help you learn German, it will help promote German learning, which is pretty important, too.

Herr Antrim's Recommended Resources: Herr Antrim Merchandise
Herr Antrim Merchandise