HiNative Review

    If you are looking for an app or a place online where you can ask native speakers questions about German or pretty much any other language you are learning, I have the perfect app and website for you. Say hello to HiNative. HiNative is an iOS and Android app in addition to being a web app. In all of its forms, you can ask native speakers in over 110 languages questions about their language and culture.


    How to Sign Up for HiNative

    Sign-up and sign-in via Facebook, Twitter, or your email. After that the tutorial will show you all you need to know about asking and answering questions on HiNative. Questions are streamlined by the 6 language based question templates. They make it so you don’t have to type the redundant things like “how do you say…” or “what’s the difference between… and …” The entire list is as follows: How do you say this? Does this sound natural? Please show me example sentences with… What does this mean? What’s the difference? and a Free question option for when your question doesn’t fit into one of those categories.

    Posting Questions to HiNative

    Questions you ask are posted on boards which learners of your language and native speakers follow. While non-native speakers can respond, it has been my experience that they only do so when they really know what they are talking about. For example: I am labeled as a non-native speaker of German, but I’m pretty sure we can all agree I give solid advice on the topic. Once your question has been answered, you will get a notification. You can then tap the notification to read the answer given.

    One of the cool features that is built into this app is the ability to ask and answer questions with voice recordings. This is great if you want someone to critique your pronunciation or the person answering your question wants to give example sentences of how the word or phrase you are asking about is used.

    With a premium account you can listen to audio questions and answers from all users, but you can only listen to your own questions and answers to those questions on a standard account. Premium accounts are also ad-free and allow you to bookmark questions you want to come back to later.

    Beginner German with Herr Antrim

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