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This week I reviewed the app from the Goethe Institut called “Learn German: Die Stadt der Wörter”. It is a game that allows you to go around a city and learn vocabulary as you discover the city. You can see my review below or you can see some of the other things I think are cool from Goethe Institut’s website.

If you have never been to the Goethe Institut’s website, you can click here go check it out. I could spend days talking about all of the awesome things that are on this site, but instead I will simply list a few of my favorites here.

#1: Deutschlandlabor

Here you can find a bunch of videos about the German culture. They talk about stereotypes and the reality of Germany nowadays. Each video comes with a worksheet and some other materials to help you learn German, including a transcript of each video. They cover topics including: Müll, Auto, and Fußball. Check them out and let me know what you think.

#2: German at Work

There is another video series that comes with extra materials that is geared towards the German work lifestyle. It shows you what you should expect from a German job and is great for anyone who is thinking about going to work in Germany.

#3: Ticket nach Berlin

Yet another video series, but this one is much more in depth than the others. This one is pretty much a German version of the American show “The Amazing Race“, but it is set in Germany. Teams set out to follow a scavenger hunt all over Germany and win a prize at the end. The thing that makes this series stand out, is that it includes online assignments that you can do for each episode to test your comprehension and each assignment can be graded instantaneously. I know several German teachers who use this in their classes to give their students something fun to do with their language learning.

#4: Practice German free of charge

As I mentioned before, I could go on for days about the things that the Goethe Institut’s website has to offer German learners. It is definitely one of the best sites for German learners. You can see a few more of the things they have to offer on this page here.

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