A2 Elementary German Lessons

Welcome to Herr Antrim’s A2 Elementary German Lessons index page, where you’ll find a comprehensive collection of resources to help you continue your German language learning journey. Whether you’re a self-learner or enrolled in a course, this page provides access to engaging lessons, helpful tips, and interactive exercises to improve your grammar, vocabulary, and listening skills. With a focus on practical language usage and cultural insights, Herr Antrim’s A2 German lessons will help you gain confidence in your language abilities and prepare you for real-life situations. Explore today and take your next step towards fluency in German!

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A2 Listening Comprehension


Common Shopping Phrases

Grocery Shopping

Shopping for Clothing

In Case of Emergency

Getting to Know You

1st Date

What do you do for a living?

Leisure Activities

How are you really?

What did you do this weekend?

You missed a great party!

House Tour


Public Transportation

Booking a Hotel Room

Shipping a Package

Miscellaneous Conversations

Restaurant Conversation

Getting Directions


Making Plans

Café & Club Conversation

A2 German Grammar

Verb Prefixes

Inseparable Verb Prefixes

Rules for Separable Prefixes

Common Separable Prefixes

Less Common Separable Prefixes

Verbs & Verb Forms

Stem-Changing Verbs

Command Form

Future Tense

Modal Verbs

Accusative Case

Accusative Pronouns

Accusative Prepositions

Dative Case

Dative Case Introduction

Dative Pronouns

Dative Verbs

Dative Prepositions

Dative Phrases

Two-Way Prepositions

Genitive Case

Genitive Case Introduction

Genitive Prepositions

Perfekt Tense

Perfekt Tense Introduction

Perfekt Tense with Irregular Verbs


Adjective Endings

Comparative & Superlative

Past & Present Participles as Adjectives


Coordinating Conjunctions

Subordinating Conjunctions

Two-Part Conjunctions

Adverbial Conjunctions

Miscellaneous Grammar

Possessive Adjectives

Reflexive Pronouns & Verbs

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