B1/B2 Intermediate German Lessons

Welcome to Herr Antrim’s B1/B2 Intermediate German Lessons index page! Here you’ll find a comprehensive collection of resources to help you take your German language skills to the next level. Whether you’re aiming to improve your fluency, master more complex grammar concepts, or enhance your vocabulary, these intermediate German lessons cover a range of topics and skills to help you achieve your goals. With engaging lessons, helpful tips, and interactive exercises, these lessons provide everything you need to continue your German language learning journey. Start exploring our resources today and take your German language skills to the next level!

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B1 Listening Comprehension Lessons

Moving to Germany

eine Stadt aussuchen (Choosing a German City)

eine Wohnung aussuchen (Choosing an Apartment)

einen Flug buchen (Booking a Flight)

Koffer packen (Packing Luggage)

meine erste Reise (My 1st Trip)

Wohnungsbesichtigung (Apartment Tour)

Mitbewohner treffen (Meeting a Roommate)

die Wäsche waschen (Washing Laundry)

B1 Stories

eine Geschichte im Präteritum (A Story in the Präteritum)

Hans im Glück

Working in Germany

sich vorstellen (Introducing Oneself)

Lebenslauf schreiben (Writing a Resume)

einen Job suchen (Looking for a Job)

Stellenanzeigen (Job Advertisements)

sich um eine Stelle bewerben (Applying for a Job)

ein Vorstellungsgespräch bei Aldi (A Job Interview with Aldi)

ein Vorstellungsgespräch (A Job Interview)

Job Interview Q & A


im Restaurant

im Feinkostgeschäft


Sankt Patrickstag

Vocabulary Memorization Tips

der Maibaum (Maypole)

Deutschland by Rammstein: Lyrical Analysis

Zeig Dich by Rammstein: Lyrical Analysis

Ich bin erkältet (I’m sick)

B1 Series Grammar Lessons

Gradpartikeln (Intensifiers)

Coordinating Conjunctions

Subordinating Conjunctions

Relative Pronouns

Simple Past Regular Verbs

Simple Past Irregular

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