German Listening Comprehension Exercises

Improve your German listening comprehension skills with Herr Antrim’s comprehensive collection of lessons from A1 to B1 levels. Each lesson is designed to help German learners of all levels sharpen their listening skills and gain confidence in understanding spoken German. From everyday conversations to specific themes, these lessons cover a wide range of topics to keep you engaged and motivated. Start listening and learning today!

Fairy Tales

eine Geschichte im Präteritum

Hans im Glück



How to Write a Postcard



Everyday Conversations

Ich spreche kein Deutsch

A2 Café & Club Conversation 

Du hast eine echt coole Party verpasst. – A2 Listening Comprehension

Was wollen wir am Wochenende machen?

Your First Full German Conversation

Travel Conversations

A1 Restaurant Conversation

A2 Restaurant Conversation

B1 Restaurant Conversation

Wegbeschreibung: Giving Directions

Booking a Hotel Room

Opening an Account at a Bank

Sending a Package at the Post Office


Common Shopping Phrases

Grocery Shopping A1 Conversation

Grocery Shopping A2 Conversation

Shopping for Clothing

All About You

How are you?

Wie geht’s dir wirklich: An A2 Example Conversation

Where do you live?

Where are you from?

1st Date: Getting to Know You Conversation

Was machst du beruflich?

Was machst du gern in deiner Freizeit?

Miscellaneous Conversations

Time Telling

110/112 im Notfall anrufen

How to Buy a Car in German

Ich bin erkältet

Kekse backen

Vocabulary Lists

Bicycle Vocabulary

Public Transportation in Berlin

At the Deli

Tiere auf dem Bauernhof

House Tour


Filmen oder nicht filmen


Wen siehst du? – Grammar Story

5 kleine Affen & das Krokodil

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