German Case System

One of the most difficult things about the German language is the case system. There are four cases (nominative, accusative, dative and genitive) and four article categories (masculine, feminine, neuter, and plural). Each of these are used in unique circumstances and have their own format that needs to be followed in order to avoid misunderstandings. With the posts on this page, you will be able to master der, die, and das and so much more!

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German Subject Pronouns

du vs ihr vs Sie


Everything Accusative Case Materials

Present Tense of Haben (with an Introduction to the Accusative Case)

Accusative Case Personal Pronouns

Accusative Case Prepositions

Wen siehst du denn? – A German Grammar Story


Everything Dative Case Materials

Indirect Objects (Dative Case Basics)

What is a Dative Sentence?

Dative Case Personal Pronouns

Word Order with Direct & Indirect Objects

Dative Prepositions

Verbs with Fixed Dative Prepositions

Wechselpräpositionen (Two-Way Prepositions)

Verbs with Fixed Two-Way Prepositions & the Dative Case

Dative Phrases

Dative Verbs


Everything Genitive Case Materials

Introduction to the Genitive Case (with Possession)

Genitive Prepositions

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