German Verbs

Welcome to Herr Antrim’s German Verbs index page, where you can learn all about German verb conjugation, tenses, and moods. This page provides access to comprehensive verb conjugation tables, detailed explanations of verb forms and usage, and interactive exercises to help you practice and master German verbs. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, these German Verbs lessons offer a range of topics and levels to suit your needs, from basic verb forms to more advanced topics like the subjunctive mood and the passive voice. With clear explanations and examples, these resources will help you build your confidence and proficiency in using German verbs. Start exploring Herr Antrim’s resources today and take your German language skills to the next level!

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haben & sein

haben & sein Conjugation Song

Present Tense of haben

haben in Simple Past

Present Tense of sein

haben & sein Conjugation Song

Perfekt mit haben & sein

Everything “werden”

Future with werden

Future Perfect with werden

werden Master Class

Introduction to Modal Verbs

Modal Verbs Song

dürfen vs können

sollen vs müssen

mögen vs möchten vs wollen

Past Tense of Modal Verbs

Verb Prefixes

Inseparable Verbs

Separable Verbs: Rules & Use

Common Separable Prefixes

Less Common Separable Prefixes

Verbs with Fixed Prepositions

Verbs with Fixed Prepositions Don’t Exist

Verbs with Fixed Prepositions & Dative

Verbs with Fixed Two-Way Prepositions & Dative

Reflexive Verbs

The Ultimate Guide to Reflexive Verbs & Pronouns

62 Reflexive Verb Example Sentences

Reflexive Verbs Don’t Exist

Reflexive Verbs Listening Comprehension


Infinitival Clauses with zu

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