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All teachers need a variety of German resources to make sure that their lessons are fresh, their classrooms are lively, and their students are engaged. I know first hand what it can be like trying to find something that you can use in class to reach as many of your students as possible. We all have our select resources we return to, time and time again. While I would love to think that my online shop is on the top of your list, I have compiled a list here of where I go to get extra materials or even just inspiration for something new to try with my students.


Resources for German Teachers: NThuleen
Resources for German Teachers: NThuleen

You can’t teach German in a classroom setting in the United States without at least having heard of Nancy Thuleen’s website. While I usually stick to the worksheets page, which supplies me with more than enough extra work and instructions for my students to get through the toughest of grammar topics, Frau Thuleen also has a ton of other resources on her site for German teachers.

She has written numerous essays and articles about German literature. She has her own list of books that she owns and suggests for you, which is much more extensive than Herr Antrim’s Recommended Books.

All of that is nice, but the tab that you want is the “Teach” tab. There you will find grammar worksheets, vocabulary worksheets, writing assignments, cultural information, worksheets for certain video series, song lyrics, and activities for classroom use (including games). If you teach it and it is German, you will find it on this website.

There are a few downsides, however. First of all, everything on her website is formatted in such a way that you really can’t modify it without copying and pasting the text into another document and editing from there. This has cost me hours of cutting and taping papers together so they fit the curriculum at my school. There are also rare occasions when I have found errors either in the answer keys or in the worksheets themselves. Since you can’t edit the original document, you can’t simply fix the errors. That being said, you won’t find a more comprehensive website for teachers of German anywhere on the web.

Mein Deutschbuch

Resources for German Teachers: mein Deutschbuch
Resources for German Teachers: mein Deutschbuch

One of the most thorough German grammar websites around is mein Deutschbuch. What many people don’t realize, however, is that in addition to all of their fantastic German grammar explanations, they have a ton of worksheets and other downloadable materials, all for free.

Since their grammar explanations are so thorough and extensive, they have a huge library of additional materials to go with those topics. I like this site, because their worksheets are much more lively and entertaining than many other sites out there.

Zeit für Deutsch

Herr Antrim's Recommended Resources: Zeit für Deutsch
Zeit für Deutsch

This is the only paid website on the list. Here you can find lesson plans and activities to use in your own classroom. It will set you back £40, which is just over $50 at the time of writing this, for every 12 months. There is a list of what that gets you here. In my humble opinion it is worth it.

Herr Antrim’s Online Shop

Resources for German Teachers: Herr Antrim's Shop
Resources for German Teachers: Herr Antrim’s Shop

Of course, I can’t leave myself off of a list like this. My online store includes a large variety of lesson topics including German grammar, listening comprehension and a whole lot more. You can even download a variety of them for free.

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