Lingoda Team Challenge

Covid-19 has forced us to social distance and avoid large gatherings. This has caused us to miss out on the things we used to do with our friends. That’s why I am so excited to tell you about the new Lingoda Team Challenge. You put together a team of your friends anywhere in the world and learn a language together, while staying apart. Not only can you make giant strides in your language skills, but also strengthen your friendships, donate to a good cause and win fabulous prizes. 

Use my key “HERRANTRIM” in the “Are you invited by an influencer?” box.

Sarcastic Antrim: Like what? Is this gonna be like those prizes you get at an arcade? Do I get a bouncy ball, a sticky hand and one little army man? 

How about a trip to Vienna, Paris, Madrid, or London where you can practice the language skills you pick up in this challenge? Would that be good enough to get you excited about this? 

Sarcastic Antrim: Alright. You have my attention now. What about the people who aren’t comfortable traveling right now or their government won’t let them travel. 

Those people can get the prize value equivalent in free classes, group or private, on Lingoda. Personally, I’m not even sure which one would be better. They both sound fantastic. 

Why Lingoda?

Have you tried Lingoda? They are amazing. Their teachers are all native speakers. And they are available anytime of the day and any day of the week. Seriously, just find a lesson topic and a time that works for you and you are on your way. I have personally taken classes with Lingoda and they have all exceeded my expectations. Click here for my full review of Lingoda.

How does the Lingoda Team Challenge work?

Sarcastic Antrim: Ok. Gimme the deets. What do I have to do? How does all of this work? 

You can choose between German, French, Spanish, English and Business English. Then you have two options for the challenge. The regular Challenge is 3 lessons per week for 7 weeks for a total of 21 lessons. Or you can go with the Super Challenge, which is 5 classes per week for 7 weeks and a total of 35. You can also join as an individual.

Ten teams ranked from 1-10 win prizes. First prize is a weekend trip to Vienna, Paris, Madrid, or London to practice the language skills you pick up in the challenge. To qualify, everyone in your team has to complete 100% of their league’s classes. You can only take one class per day. Make sure you complete all 3 or 5 lessons per week as per the challenge you sign up for. If you meet these three requirements, you will be entered into a drawing that will select the 10 winners and rank them from the 1st to 10th place. 

Team Captains get cash back!

For every team member you recruit between now and December 2020, Lingoda will give you 10€ cash back. The max you can get is 110€, which you will get if you invite 11 friends. Make sure that you use my key “HERRANTRIM” when you fill out your registration form in the field labeled “Are you invited by an influencer?” 

Sarcastic Antrim: Ok, but what if I don’t have any friends and I can’t put together my own team? 

That’s the beauty of this challenge. You can find people for your team anywhere. Make a comment below the video at the top of this post if you are going to join in this challenge. See if you can find some teammates there. How cool would it be to have a group of German learners from the comments on that video win the trip to Vienna, Paris, Madrid, or London?

Your team can be as few as 2 or as many as 12. You can learn different languages at different levels and live in different cities in different countries. The only thing that matters is that you all do the same challenge of 3 or 5 lessons per week. 

Participate as an Individual

Even if you don’t participate as a team, Lingoda will donate 20% of the lessons you take via the Lingoda Language Scholarship Programme if you finish all of your classes. This programme helps those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Those that can’t afford language lessons due to the pandemic can get free lessons through this programme. All you have to do is finish the challenge and you are helping those who are less fortunate than you. 

Sarcastic Antrim: Ok. Now that you have me hooked, how do I join this challenge? 

How to Join the Lingoda Team Challenge

Step one is to get all of your team members signed up before November 1st via this link and use my key “HERRANTRIM”. Participants who want to be captains and enter this key when registering their teams, will get 10€ cash-back for each member they invite. You can get up to 110€. Between November 10th and December 15th, you will get weekly updates about your team’s results. You will get your cash back by the end of December 2020. Obviously you will get more specifics on the instructions for the challenge once you sign up. 

I know I have explained a lot in this post. If you have any questions you can leave them in the comments below the video and I will either answer your questions myself or find an answer from Lingoda and get back to you. Das ist alles für heute. Danke fürs Zuschauen. Bis zum nächsten Mal. Tschüss. 


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