Mastering the German Case System

    Mastering the German Case System is one of the most complicated parts of learning German. The nominative case, the accusative case, the dative case and the genitive case are the cause of a ton of headaches for German learners. There are four cases, three genders plus plural, definite articles, indefinite articles, adjective endings, special verbs, special phrases, special prepositions, pronouns, and a ton of other things that all change based on the German case system.

    If you want to master the German case system once and for all, then you need to check out my live Master Classes. In January I started doing a monthly livestream on specific topics. In each I try to pack everything you will ever need to know about that topic into an hour. The last three livestreams I created were all about the German case system. There are a ton of different topics covered in these videos and they are a wealth of knowledge for anyone wishing to master the German case system.

    You can watch the livestreams with enhanced audio below, but if you are really wanting to get the most out of these live lessons, you should consider picking up one of my extra materials bundles to go with them. They are $5 each and are all available on my online store. With these materials you can get started mastering the German case system today.

    Master the German Accusative Case

    You use the German accusative case with direct objects, certain prepositions, time and more. This master class will explain all of these topics and more.

    Master the German Dative Case

    You use the German dative case with indirect objects, certain prepositions and certain verbs. This master class will explain all of those topics and more.

    Beginner German with Herr Antrim

    Master the German Genitive Case

    You use the German genitive case with possession, certain prepositions and more. Learn all of those topics in this master class.

    Herr Antrim

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