Mosalingua German App Review

    This week’s German Resource Review is about Mosalingua’s German App. The review is embedded below. Below you can see a few other things about the app that I left out of the video.

    Recording Yourself with Mosalingua

    You may have noticed in the video that there is an option to record yourself saying the words or phrases that you are learning. This would be a great, if it worked. When I hit the record button, it looks like it records my voice as I say the words. When I push the play button that appears, however, nothing happens. There never seems to be a way to play what you record. I tried it several times, over and over again, but the recording never played. This essentially renders the recording aspect of this app useless.

    What is behind the “Explore” button on Mosalingua?

    If you tap the “Explore” button at the bottom of the app, you will be able to choose your vocabulary based on a variety of topics instead of getting whatever the app things is best for you to learn. The topics include: the basics, emergencies, useful lists, transportation, socializing, eating, accommodation, shopping, tourism, hobbies, people, telecommunications, time and weather, lessons (tips for success), bonus material, and travel stories.

    The travel stories are a series of audio files (with English and German subtitles) that tell the story of a guy who decided to move to Cambodia when his girlfriend broke up with him. The other categories also include audio stories for each of the various topics. The down side is that you can’t access them unless you pay for the premium version of the app.

    If you tap the “Progress” button at the bottom of the app, you will be shown some statistics about what you have learned and how much time it took you to do so.

    Beginner German with Herr Antrim

    What’s good with Mosalingua? What’s bad?

    The method of this app is great. The execution is lacking. If you were to remember to review vocabulary for about 5 minutes per day and remember to review the ones you haven’t seen for a while more often than you usually do, you will remember more vocabulary. The app never reminds you to use the app, which I would think would be a helpful feature. When you first set up the app, it tells you to study every day, which if you could remember that, it wouldn’t matter which app you use, you will learn more. The trick is to be consistent with your learning habits.

    Herr Antrim

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