Lingoda Language Sprint Spring 2021

Don’t Give Up on Your Language Learning Goals!

Can you participate in 90 language lessons in 3 months? If you can, my friends over at Lingoda will pay you back after you have attended all of your classes. The rules are simple. Sign up for the Lingoda Language Sprint before April 16. Start taking classes on April 28th with Lingoda. Attend and participate in 30 classes per month and when you are done, Lingoda will send you 100% cashback for those classes.

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The German Imperative Command Form

The German Imperative (Command Form)

Hallo, Deutschlerner. Today you are going to learn how to form the German command form, also known as the imperative. This is what you use to boss people around, tell them what to do and otherwise command people to act in a certain way all in German. I’ll show you all of the different forms you can use and all of the quirks about each type of command. When you are done with this video you will be able to command anyone you want. You will rule the world! Mwahahaha. Just kidding, but you will learn the German imperative form.

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