Pokémon Go Vocabulary

    This week I decided to tackle the topic on everyone’s mind: How to talk about Pokémon Go in German. I did two videos again this week. The first one is in English explaining the needed vocabulary and the second one is all in German. Both videos have English and German subtitles. You can click “CC” and choose your desired language. Below the videos you will find a few pictures of my own Pokémon collection at the time when I was writing this blog post. I translated a few things so you can see what the information would look like if it were to be in German.

    Below you will see a list of my current Pokédex. I have caught 45 Pokémon. The ones I have caught so far and the breakdown of their names in German and English can be seen below.

    Bulbasaur (bulb + saurus) – Bisasam (bi/two + Samen)

    Beginner German with Herr Antrim

    Charmander (char + salamander) – Glumanda (glühen + Salamander)

    Squirtle (squirt + turtle) – Schiggy (Schildkröte)

    Caterpie (caterpillar) – Raupy (Raupe)

    Metapod (metamophosis + pod) – Safcon (safe + cocoon)

    Weedle (worm + needle) – Hornliu (horn + liu, to make it cute)

    Kakuna (cocoon) – Kakuna (Kokon)

    Pidgey (pigeon) – Taubsi (Taube)

    Pidgeotto (pigeon) – Taubogo (Taube)

    Pidgeot (pigeon) – Tauboss (Taube + boss)

    Rattata (rat) – Rattfratz (Ratte + Fratz)

    Raticate (rat + eraticate) – Rattkarl (Ratte + Karl)

    Spearow (spear + sparrow) – Habitak (Habicht + Attacke)

    Ekans (snake backwards) – Rettan (Natter backwards)

    Nidoran (female) (taken from Japanese) – Nidoran (taken from Japanese)

    Nidorina (seen, but not caught) (taken from Japanese) – Nidorina (taken from Japanese

    Nidoran (male) (taken from Japanese) – Nidoran (taken from Japanese)

    Clefairy (clé + fairy) – Piepi (Piep + Pixie)

    Jigglypuff (jiggly + puff) – Pummeluff (pummelig + fluffig)

    Zubat (from Japanese, zubatto) – Zubat (from Japanese, zubatto)

    Oddish (odd + radish) – Myrapla (mysteriös + plant)

    Gloom (gloom) – Duflor (Duft + floris)

    Paras (parasite) – Paras (parasit)

    Venonat (venom + gnat) – Bluzuk (Blut + zutzeln + Insekt)

    Venomoth (venom + moth) – Omot (venom + moth)

    Meowth (meow + mouth) – Mauzi (Miauz)

    Psyduck (seen, but not caught) (psychic + duck) – Enton (Ente + on)

    Growlithe (growl + lithe) – Fukano (Funken + canis)

    Poliwag (polliwog) – Quapsel (Kaulquappe + Kapsel)

    Abra (seen, but not caught) (magic word) – Abra (magic word)

    Bellsprout (bell + sprout) – Knofensa (Knospe + Fenchel + Samen)

    Weepinbell (weeping + bell) – Ultrigaria (Utricularia)

    Geodude (geo + dude) – Kleinstein (klein + Stein, Einstein pun)

    Slowpoke (slowpoke, pun from slow Pokémon) – Flegmon (Phlegmatisch + Pokémon)

    Doduo (dodo + duo) – Dodu (dodo + duo)

    Dodrio (dodo + trio) – Dodri (dodo + trio)

    Shellder (shell) – Muschas (Muschel + Wasser)

    Gastly (seen, but not caught) (ghastly) – Nebulak (Nebula)

    Onix (onyx) – Onix (Onyx)

    Drowzee (drowsy) – Traumato (Traum + traumatisch)

    Krabby (crab) – Krabby (Krabbe)

    Exeggcute (execute) – Owei (Ovum + Ei, pun from “O wei”)

    Tangela (tangle) – Tangela (tangle)

    Goldeen (goldfish + queen) – Goldfisch + mini)

    Staryu (star + you) – Sterndu (Stern + du)

    Scyther (scythe) – Sichlor (Sichel + Lord)

    Pinsir (pincer) – Pinsir (pincer)

    Eevee (evolution abbreviation) – Evoli (Evolution)

    Flareon (flare + eon) – Flamara (Flamme)

    Pokemon Go German Vocabulary

    Herr Antrim

    Herr Antrim is a German teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience. In 2011 he started his successful YouTube Channel "Learn German with Herr Antrim". In 2015 he created this website to enhance the German language lessons he was providing on YouTube. He is now the author of his own e-book, "Beginner German with Herr Antrim". He has also been featured on numerous blogs and other sites.