A2 German Vocabulary Flashcards – FREE Sample!


These are a selection of German vocabulary flashcards that work on the Anki platform for the A2 level of German learning. These flashcard decks are some of the cards that come with Herr Antrim’s A2 German Book. When you buy the book, you get access to all 40 chapters of vocabulary and example sentences.

Card Decks Included in the FREE Sample

1-1 Inseparable Prefix Phrases

1-5 Verbs with Prefixes Vocabulary

4-1 Giving Directions Phrases

4-2 Giving Directions Vocabulary

7-1 Future & Modal Verbs Phrases

7-2 Future & Modal Verbs Vocabulary

A2 German Anki Decks FREE SampleA2 German Vocabulary Flashcards – FREE Sample!