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With this subscription ($9.99/month or $99.99/year) you will be able to work through Herr Antrim’s entire A1 Beginner German course before moving on to the A2 German content. You will also have access to new content as Herr Antrim creates it (usually weekly, but isn’t a strict schedule).

The A1 Beginner German Course will teach you the basics of the German language and get you to a level at which you can have a simple conversation in German.

This course follows the curriculum outlined in Herr Antrim’s e-book “Beginner German with Herr Antrim”, but goes much further than the e-book could. Each chapter has been broken down into more detail and includes exclusive extras you won’t find anywhere else. You also get a copy of the ebook when you start your subscription!

This course encourages you to practice what you learn in each chapter and guides you through that practice. It is the next best thing to having an in-person course with Herr Antrim.

Once you finish the A1 course, the A2 course will open up. From here you will see your German speaking, writing, listening and reading skills skyrocket.


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