Everything Always
  1. Independent German Learners

    If you are a motivated self-learner, these materials will help guide your German learning. They will add direction and purpose to your lessons and keep you on track to reach your German learning goals. 
  2. German Teachers

    There are materials in this bundle for almost every grammar and vocabulary topic that will come up in your German courses. If you want ready-made lesson plans with mp3 listening comprehension exercises, worksheets, answer keys and more, this bundle is PERFECT for you!
  3. German Learners Taking Courses, but Needing Extra Assistance​

    If you are learning German in a class or course, but you can’t quite grasp the things being taught, maybe you need a new perspective on the topic. This bundle includes pretty much any topic that you will encounter in a high school or university German course. This bundle includes the extra practice you need to succeed. 

This is the best deal you will EVER get. This price will NEVER be discounted. It will NEVER go on sale. This price will only increase as the library of content on this site expands. 

New materials are created every week (with few exceptions). It is very likely that this bundle will go up in price at least $50 each year. Buy now! This is the lowest price you will ever see for this deal!

If you make this purchase, you will gain access to everything* that is ever** uploaded to this site.

EVERY lesson created.
EVERY worksheet.
EVERY answer key.
EVERY mp3 file.
PLUS anything else that is sold on this site EVER. 

This includes the ENTIRE library of materials already available on this site as well as ANY new materials that are created at any later date. The current library of content is already valued at over $400 with over 100 German lessons. The lessons included range from listening comprehension to grammar lessons and vocabulary building.  

*”Everything” does not include any interactive courses available on this site. Such a product would likely be priced at the $200+ range and it simply wouldn’t make sense to include it in this bundle.

**”Ever” is only until this site ceases to function. If Herr Antrim sells the site, retires or dies, you will very likely lose access to the materials on this site unless you have already downloaded them to your computer.

Beginner German with Herr Antrim (e-book) – $30 Value

The ENTIRE 22 Lesson Set of Intermediate Lessons – $30 Value

Listening Comprehension Lessons – $155 Value
Tag der Deutschen Einheit
30 Jahre Mauerfall
Famous Film Quotes
Ich bin erkältet
12 Things Americans Hate About Germany
Ordering in a German Restaurant
Modal Verbs Song
Giving Directions
5 kleine Affen und das Krokodil
Tiere auf dem Bauernhof
Was ist die Bundesliga?
Kekse backen
Learn German with Candyland
Learn German with Sequence
ein Zimmer im Hotel buchen
bei der Bank
auf der Post
Common Shopping Phrases
Grocery Shopping A2 Version
Shopping for Clothing
110/112 Notruf
1st Date
Buying a Car in German
Was machst du gern?
Wie geht’s dir wirklich?
Was wollen wir machen? 
öffentliche Verkehrsmittel in Berlin
Was hast du gemacht? – Perfekt Example Dialogue
Du hast eine echt coole Party verpasst. – Perfekt Tense Dialogue

Master Class Materials – $20 Value
Present Tense
Accusative Case
Dative Case
Genitive Case

Accusative Case Materials – $25 Value
Wen siehst du? – Grammar Story
Word Order with Direct & Indirect Objects
Prepositions Songs
Accusative Personal Pronouns
Accusative Prepositions

Dative Case Materials – $35 Value
Dative Personal Pronouns
Dative Prepositions
Verbs with Fixed Prepositions & Dative
Verbs with Fixed Two-Way Prepositions & Dative
Special Dative Phrases
Dative Verbs
Zirkus by Namika Lyrical Analysis

Genitive Case Materials – $5 Value
Introduction to the Genitive Case
Genitive Prepositions

Adjectives & Adjective Endings – $15 Value
Adjective Endings Practice
Comparative & Superlative with Adverbs & Predicate Adjectives
Describe Yourself in German
Comparative & Superlative with Adjectives in Front of Nouns

Present Tense – $20 Value
Mögen vs Möchten vs Wollen
Modal Verbs Introduction
Stem-Changing Verbs

Perfekt Tense – $20 Value
Perfekt mit haben & sein
3 Principal Parts of German Verbs
Perfekt Tense Basics & Regular Verbs
Perfekt Tense with Irregular Verbs

Conjunctions – $20 Value
Coordinating Conjunctions
Subordinating Conjunctions
Adverbial Conjunctions
Two-Part Conjunctions

Miscellaneous Grammar – $65 Value
Da- and Wo- Compounds
Alle vs Jeder
German Compound Nouns
Präteritum Tense
Command Form (Imperative)
Possessive Adjectives
Reflexive Pronouns & Verbs

Lyrical Analysis – $10 Value
Rammstein – Zeig dich
Rammstein – Deutschland

Vocabulary Building – $15 Value
Kopf, Schulter, Knie und Fuß
Awesome German Nouns
Those Awesome German Nouns Aren’t
German Family Vocabulary