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Long before Herr Antrim started his Patreon page, he already had 32 episodes in a grammar series called “3 Minuten Deutsch”. Herr Antrim designed the 3 Minuten Deutsch series to be short grammar lessons about all kinds of topics. Since the series started before Herr Antrim’s Patreon page, there aren’t any materials for the episodes #1-32. This bundle includes the script for every video starting at #33 and going through the last episode #69. This bundle includes the slides used in each video starting with episode #43. Starting with #47 there are worksheets included for each topic with an answer key. Since this series is finished in March of 2017, Herr Antrim has decided to make these materials available to the public for free! Enjoy. The topics covered in the materials included in this bundle can be found listed below.

#36 – Two-Way Prepositions

#37 – Present Perfect (Perfekt) with Regular Verbs

#38-41 – Present Perfect (Perfekt) with Irregular Verbs

#42 – Simple Past with “sein”

#43 – Simple Past with “haben”

#44 – Simple Past of Modal Auxiliaries

#45 – Simple Past Regular Verbs

#46-47 – Simple Past with Irregular Verbs

#48 – Past Perfect (Plusquamperfekt)

#49 – Future Perfect

#51 – Timeline of Tenses

#52 – Coordinating Conjunctions

#53-54 – Subordinating Conjunctions

#55 – Two-Part Conjunctions

#56 – Relative Pronouns

#57-64 – Adjectives

#65 – Passive Voice Present Tense

#66 – Passive Voice Past Tense

#67 – Passive Voice Future Tense

#68 – Konjunktiv 2 with “hätten” and “wären”

#69 – Konjunktiv 2 with “würden”

The full series of videos is here. 


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