Everything German Conjunctions Bargain Bundle


In this bundle you will get all of the materials to go with all four of Herr Antrim’s lessons about the categories of German conjunctions: coordinating conjunctions, subordinating conjunctions, two-part conjunctions, and adverbial conjunctions. Each lesson comes with a worksheet, answer key, mp3 download and copy of the video script.

In addition to the materials for those lessons, you will also get the materials for Herr Antrim’s other lessons about conjunctions plus his lesson about da- and wo- compounds. Those lessons are as follows:

Da- and Wo-Compounds

B1 Lesson about Coordinating Conjunctions

B1 Lesson about Subordinating Conjunctions Part 1/2

B1 Lesson about Subordinating Conjunctions Part 2/2

If you purchased all of the materials in this bundle individually it would cost $40. If you want to learn all you can about conjunctions in German, this is the ultimate bundle for you.


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