unregelmäßige Verben im Präteritum - Intermediate German #15 - Extra Materials


In this bundle you will find a copy of the video script in German and English to accompany the 15th video in his Intermediate German series. In this lesson, Herr Antrim explains how to use irregular verbs in the preterite tense in German. Along with the script you will also get a worksheet with answer key and mp3 download.

This also includes a list of irregular verbs in German. It includes the infinitive, Präteritum, Perfekt and English translations of each verb. The verbs are also broken down into the categories of irregular verbs to which they belong. For example the verb biegen follows the IE-O-O pattern and would be listed like this:

Infinitiv Präteritum Perfekt Englisch
1. biegen  bog gebogen to bend

After all of the categories there is also one big list with all of the verbs together.