Guide to Herr Antrim’s Materials

On this page you will find a list of all of the materials Herr Antrim offers based on what they teach. You can click on any of the items below in the table of contents to jump to that section. Click on a link to go to the product page or click on any of the “All…” links to see that category’s page. If you prefer to see the old version of the store, it is still available here.

Free Materials


  • Beginner German with Herr Antrim
    This e-book includes many of the materials listed throughout this guide as well as many other materials, which are only available with the purchase of the e-book. This is designed for absolute beginners. If you don’t know German, but want to be able to have a simple conversation in German, this book is for you.

Listening Comprehension



German Grammar Master Classes


Nominativ – Nominative

Akkusativ – Accusative

Dativ – Dative

Genitiv – Genitive

Adjectives & Adjective Endings


Präsens – Present

Futur 1 – Future

Perfekt – Present Perfect

Präteritum – Simple Past

Plusquamperfekt – Pluperfect

Futur 2 – Future Perfect

Verbs & Verb Types



German Learning Materials