Welcome to Herr Antrim's Shop

Throughout Herr Antrim’s 12+ years of teaching high school German and his 10+ years teaching German on YouTube, he has created a huge library of German learning materials.

Many of the materials listed below are completely free. All you have to do is set up an account and download the materials. 

Individual materials are generally priced at $5 each. 

In addition to the individual materials, all materials are conveniently grouped into “bargain bundles”, which saves you a bit of cash when you want several resources on a given topic. 

The “Everything” bundles include everything in that particular topic. 

The “Everything Always” bundle is literally everything this site has to offer. All of Herr Antrim’s books. All of Herr Antrim’s worksheets. All of the MP3 listening comprehension files. Literally EVERYTHING. It also includes everything that will ever be added to this site. Literally EVERYTHING ALWAYS