smarterGerman’s Irregular Verb App

    This week I finally got around to reviewing smarterGerman’s irregular verbs app. This app was designed by Michael Schmitz from the website “smarterGerman” and the YouTube channel of the same name. It is designed to teach you the irregular verbs with their infinitives, simple past (Präteritum) forms, and present perfect (Perfekt) forms. If you want to see my review of this product, you can watch the video below, which will show you what the app is all about and how it claims to teach you these irregular verbs.

    What you get from smarterGerman

    While today’s review was focused on the app from smarterGerman, I would also like to talk a bit about the other things that you can get from smarterGerman. Michael offers a variety of different levels for different courses in German. You can even get a free trial of this via the Udemy link on his website. This will give you 3 1/2 hours worth of grammar lessons, which teach you all of the grammar you need for the A1 level. This is a great start for beginners and it will also give you an idea of what style Michael uses to teach German online.

    The smarterGerman Blog is about German culture and things that are going on in the German speaking world. They also teach you some learning tools that you can use to help you on your German learning journey.

    smarterGerman Courses

    There are also several things for sale on the smarterGerman website. The €49.90 course will get you 72 lessons that will teach you all of the grammar you need for the A1, A2, and B1 level tests. If you like Michael’s methodology and you can spare the $50, I think this would be a pretty good investment. You can also find grammar songs for €8 or a German reader including audio for €12.95. *Several of these items have been deleted since this post was published.

    There are also private lessons via their website and a guarantee that you will pass your B1 exam within 60 days. You can get a personal conversational trainer, which is one of the things that a lot of German learners ask for when they are trying to increase their fluency.

    smarterGerman Overview

    All in all, smarterGerman is a for-profit site. Obviously, this means that they will try to sell you things in an effort to make money. That being said, between the YouTube channel, the free A1 course, and the blog, you can get some great things from them for free. If you like their style and you think the pricing is right, I would encourage you to check out more from their site.

    What’s next?

    You can read all of my German learning resource reviews here. Click here for my always up-to-date list of recommended resources. Next week I will be uploading “Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse”.

    Herr Antrim

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