Support Herr Antrim

If you enjoy Herr Antrim’s work on YouTube and on this blog, you can support him in many different ways. Here is the list of ways you can support Herr Antrim.


The simplest, cheapest, and Herr Antrim’s preferred method of support is sharing. If you know other people who are learning or teaching German, please share this site with them. Herr Antrim has a real job and doesn’t really need your money, although he appreciates it.

Support Herr Antrim on Patreon

Herr Antrim’s preferred method of support is that people continue to share his work, comment on, and like his videos. If you would like to make a financial contribution to Herr Antrim, there is now a Patreon option for that. This will get you a variety of perks. Check out Herr Antrim’s Patreon page and make your contribution there.

Herr Antrim's Recommended Resources: Support Herr Antrim on Patreon
Herr Antrim on Patreon

Support Herr Antrim on TeachersPayTeachers

Herr Antrim uploads the extra materials he creates for Patreon to Teachers Pay Teachers. If you are looking for materials for a particular video, you can get the materials for individual videos on TeachersPayTeachers. Each set of materials are usually $5 unless the materials are more detailed.

Herr Antrim's Recommended Resources: Support Herr Antrim on Teachers Pay Teachers
Herr Antrim on Teachers Pay Teachers

Support Herr Antrim with Affiliate Programs

Herr Antrim participates in a variety of affiliate programs. These are products and programs that Herr Antrim personally recommends and has thoroughly reviewed. When you sign up or purchase something through one of Herr Antrim’s links, you support Herr Antrim’s work at the same time, because he gets a percentage of the revenue from this sale. Below is a list of Herr Antrim’s current affiliate programs.

Herr Antrim’s Amazon Influencer Page

At the top of most pages on this website, there are links to Herr Antrim’s Amazon Influencer page. By clicking these links, the things you purchase on Amazon for the next 24 hours will be credited to Herr Antrim and he will receive a percentage of the revenue from those purchases. So if you are looking for German learning resources or you are planning on buying some stuff on Amazon anyway, start with Herr Antrim’s Amazon Influencer page.

Herr Antrim's Recommended Resources: Books for German Learners
Angelika Bohn German Readers


An evil of the modern world has become advertising, however, it is the world in which we live. Herr Antrim has advertising on his YouTube channel in an effort to gain a little extra cash. While this revenue source isn’t the main source of income for his work, he would appreciate you not using an ad-blocker on his YouTube channel. He understands, however, that ads are annoying and won’t hold it against you if you have an ad-blocker.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a relatively recent idea from YouTube. If you pay a little each month, you will no longer have ads on YouTube. The money you pay each month is then distributed to the creators that you watch on YouTube. From a revenue share viewpoint, this is a much better option for supporting Herr Antrim. While currently only 0.4% of all views on the Learn German with Herr Antrim channel comes from YouTube Premium subscribers, 1.3% of the revenue comes from YouTube Premium. That means that with fewer views, Herr Antrim makes more from YouTube Premium than from regular ad revenue.

So if you don’t want to see ads, but you still want to support Herr Antrim, you should definitely sign up for YouTube Premium. Bottom line, get YouTube Premium. This isn’t an affiliate program like mentioned above. It is simply a better way of YouTube being profitable and therefore making Herr Antrim’s channel profitable.