The Best Way to Learn German

    I often get asked “What is the best way to learn German?” While I do think that some methods are better than others and some methods simply don’t work for anyone, I think that this video explains perfectly what the best way to learn German is.

    As I promised in the video, I will now list some of my personal suggestions. Several of the methods I will talk about in this post will overlap, as you can learn several things from them. I will, however, be listing them based on the main way that you will be using them.

    Click here to watch Herr Antrim act out a skit written by Andrea Thionville.


    There are a variety of sources that can help your listening skills in German. You can listen to podcasts about a variety of topics, news broadcasts, German music or German radio online. Below you will find a variety of links that will let you work on your listening skills.

    Slow German

    German cultural articles with slowly read native speaker voices.

    Beginner German with Herr Antrim

    German Radio Online

    Listen to a variety of stations from around Germany.

    My German Music Playlist

    An eclectic collection of music from all genres of German music.


    Unlike other online music sources, Spotify will allow you to sort the music by the language. Unfortunately I don’t have a Spotify account, so I can’t send you directly to any particular list.


    Google News

    If you are looking for a place to find a bunch of German news sources, you can simply change your settings in Google News to the German edition. This will give you news about what is going on in Germany and in the world.

    Deutsche Welle News

    German news on a variety of topics.

    Children’s Books Forever

    Simple German children’s stories by Hans Wilhelm.

    News for Kids

    Just what the name implies. They are news articles for children, but in German.

    Nicht Lustig Cartoons

    Short German cartoons by Joscha Sauer.

    Ruthe Cartoons

    Shorts German cartoons by Ralf Ruthe.


    There are a ton of YouTubers who have dedicated their channels to teaching others German. Here is a short list of the ones I recommend.

    FREE A1/A2 Materials

    Learn German with Anja

    Learn German with Jenny (Now Lingoni)

    Deutsch für Euch

    Deutsche Welle’s YouTube Channel

    Bernd Ziesche

    Deutsch Happen

    Easy German

    Language Sheep

    Smarter German

    Uwe Kind & LingoTech

    Beginner German with Herr Antrim


    Check out my updated list of the Best YouTube Channels for German Learners here.

    Non-Language Learning Oriented YouTube Channels

    There are a ton of German YouTube channels that aren’t necessarily made for you to learn German, but they can do it all the same. I would recommend these two.

    Wissen macht Ah!

    Doktor Allwissend

    German Television

    Obviously, YouTube isn’t the only source of German things to watch. You can change a lot of shows on Netflix to German. You can even turn on English or German subtitles. Of course, you can get a different variety of shows on Netflix that are in German, if you use a proxy server to fake that you are in German, but the legality of that is a bit fuzzy and will probably get you banned from Netflix.

    If you want a list of German TV stations that you can stream online, you can find a pretty good list of that here.


    Honestly, the only way to get better at speaking German is to speak German. When you read, you should read aloud to train your mouth to speak German with good pronunciation. If you are looking for a place to find a partner with whom you can learn German, you can find a short list of sites for that below.


    My Language Exchange

    Tandem Partners


    Language Exchange Subreddit


    I have done my fair share of reviews on flashcard apps and assisted readers. You can find a list of them here.



    Learn with Oliver


    Herr Antrim

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