What are tenses?

In this week’s German Learning Tip of the Week I talked about what tenses are and how they are formed in German. I think that this video is long enough without adding too much on top of that, so I will simply post the video here and add the slides from the video below the video so you can use them for your notes or your own classes if you want them.

Here is a quick overview of what was covered.

What is the present tense?

What is the future tense?

What is the present perfect (Perfekt) tense?

What is the simple past (Imperfekt)?

What is the pluperfect (Plusquamperfekt)?

What is the future perfect?

What’s next?

Next week I will be talking about what moods are in German and, of course, I will show you a quick version of how to make each one. What do you think are some confusing grammar words? Comment below what you think I should explain next.

What are tenses?

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