What is the Deutschlerner Club?

You may have seen me post on social media about my new Deutschlerner Club. In this post I explain what it is and why you should join today!


There are 3 main parts of the Deutschlerner Club.

  • Herr Antrim’s A1 Beginner German Course
  • Herr Antrim’s A2 Elementary German Course
  • New Weekly Content

A1 Beginner German Course

I redesigned and added to the A1 course I released a few years ago. This course includes 20 chapters with grammar, vocabulary and listening comprehension lessons. There are worksheets to go with the more complex topics. I also included worksheet explanation videos, which walk you through each answer and how to get them correct. These lessons combined with your own review and studying will help you master the A1 level of the German language.

A2 Elementary German Course

With the release of my 2nd book “Elementary German with Herr Antrim” comes a new course. This course includes 40 chapters! Each chapter has a main lesson followed by a worksheets to practice what you learned in the lesson. Then I include a video that explains each part of the worksheet so you know what you were supposed to do and to expand your knowledge on the topic at hand as well as review older topics. Each chapter also includes other videos that talk about the same topic.

New Weekly Content

Each week, when I upload a German lesson to YouTube, I will upload a new lesson to the Deutschlerner Club. This will include a worksheet with answer key and an mp3 version of the lesson. I will also be adding exclusive content that you can’t find anywhere else on the internet. Usually this will be in the form of a worksheet explanation video, but other times it will be a bonus dialogue or a continuation of the lesson of the week.

What’s it cost?

There are two ways to join the Deutschlerner Club. Both options include a 7 day FREE TRIAL. If you like the Deutschlerner Club, you can choose to pay by the month or by the year. Monthly subscriptions are $9.99 per month. Yearly subscriptions are $99.99. Both subscriptions give you access to the same content.

What can you expect when you join?

On the first day after you join the Deutschlerner Club you will be granted access to all of the pronunciation lessons in the A1 course. The next day the greetings and farewells lessons will be unlocked. Every few days after that you will gain access to new lessons that follow the A1 course. After just 48 days you can complete all of the lessons in the A1 course.

After the initial 48 days for the A1 course, you can expect the pace to be about the same. New lessons will be unlocked every few days. This will continue for a full year before you reach the end of the A2 course.

In addition to the A1 and A2 course lessons, you can find the weekly bonus materials at the bottom of the course curriculum. Simply scroll to the bottom to see the latest lessons that have been released.

Join the Deutschlerner Club Now!